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  • NB4T is committed to creating the bridge between the end of educational services and the beginning of adult life.

    NB4T’s program provides learning opportunities in these critical areas.


    New Beginnings For Tomorrow addresses practical living skills for everyday life. This training area focuses on clients practicing laundry, cooking, cleaning, bed making, vacuuming, and dusting. Clients will be involved in community based experiences by going to supermarkets and purchasing items to prepare and serve meals “family style”. Clients will also improve telephone skills by making appointments, placing take-out orders and calling friends and family members.


    Recreational activities are offered and created to enhance the client’s daily life experiences. Some of the services available to the clients are art, music, and physical fitness. The clients can also access these services in the community by visiting museums, attending concerts and local fitness classes at a gym facility.

    Recreational activities also include hands- on production of crafts made from woodwork and clay that also meet the clients’ interests and lead to exposure in craft fairs and flea markets. All areas of programming emphasize the enhancement of social interactions and create a total life experience.



    The clients of the New Beginnings For Tomorrow program will participate in community based experiences where they are able to generalize the concepts to real life situations. Community based experiences include but are not limited to visits to local supermarkets and stores, banks, restaurants, post office, public transportation, and many more.


    Autism represents a wide spectrum of individual strengths, interests and aptitudes. New Beginnings For Tomorrow offers supports and services which adapt to meet the changing needs of each of our clients. This flexible approach allows each participant to gain independence and use supports as needed.


    Technology is used daily to support communication, behavior, life skills, and vocational skills. Technology such as iPads, tablets and laptops help to promote the successful independence forour clients.


    Funding for DDD services and supports only covers a portion of the costs associated with our program. If you choose to donate, NB4T is a fully recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Together we can make a difference, change lives and provide tomorrow.

    Our program relies on donations from individual and corporate donors to provide our clients a state of the art program designed to provide hope, skill, socialization, independence and employment opportunities to young adults who have aged out of school supported learning





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